Our Sustainability Policy

We are very conscious of our need to produce Vinegars that are not only of the highest quality but that also are produced in a sustainable way.

Wildwood bottle in high quality glass bottles manufactured in Italy and not only recyclable but reusable, many of our smaller retailers accept the empty bottles back and return to us.

Our cork stoppers are made from Portuguese cork which is harvested from managed cork oak plantations in western Portugal.

All of our Oak barrels used for storing and aging our vinegars are also sourced from oak  trees also  sustainably grown in Portugal.

Our labelling and secure ties are made from paper and cotton and our deliveries are made in either wooden or cardboard boxes both of which can again be reused or recycled.

The most important of course, are the ingredients.

These are either harvested from the wild or grown organically by ourselves or other organic growers.

In 1992,  to offset the harvesting of wild ingredients and our carbon footprint,  we planted  40,000 native hardwoods such as Oak, Ash, Rowan, Wild Cherry, and Birch.

  Each year under the Glas Scheme we plant 7 acres of “ wild bird food and cover ”  the oats and linseeds in this seven acres are not harvested but left to feed the over wintering birds  and the flocks of winter visitors.

Around the farm we have extensive areas of spring flowering fruit and berry bushes, linden trees and late harvested meadow full of wild flowers and sedges to provide habitats for bees and other pollinating insects.

We recycle and have a minimum waste policy, all of our filtered ingredients after fermentation are composted and returned to the soil to increase the organic content and enrich the soil.

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